Mati: Photo gallery par excellence

Mati: Greek for 'eyes'. See what I see, as I see it.

Whats next, what to expect?
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Previous releases - what changed

Whats new?
- Version 0.3.21: A fair amount of internal code reorg, bug fixes, and features. See the changelog for details.
- Version 0.3.20: Initial release supporting access control. Allows administrator to hide galleries from public view. See Changelog for limitations.

If you haven't seen the plite page, you may want to.
Essentially, Mati is a package built off the plite code that specializes in one thing only - photo gallery management. It is designed to separate the backend and frontend and provide good display, user access, and flexibility.


Most of the power of Mati is in its administrative interface. However, you can see the public interface in action at (always runs the current version).

Future releases
Coming soon:

Mati can be downloaded from sourceforge (

Upgrading & Installation
I've already explained this bit on the plite page. If you have setup MySQL and PHP properly, installation or upgrade is trivial.

Ah. The drab legal stuff. In short, there is no license. I wrote this under the MIT license (file LICENSE included) which allows you to do what you want with this code. If you like it and find it useful, I'd appreciate an email so I know its proving useful to others.

Previous releases - what changed
- Version 0.3.19: Many improvements to rendering in IE. This had been a big problem with earlier versions. Now IE rendering is consistent with Mozilla, and much more pleasing. Also fixed other bugs. See Release Notes.
- Version 0.3.18: A bug fix release. Addresses importing of images, IE rendering, and hiding album directories from direct browsing.
- Version 0.3.17: A new user database module has been added. Plus enhancements to the theme CSS for readability.
- Version 0.1.2: Adds support for PNG and GIF files. Auto-detection of PHP's image capabilities allows importing any or all of these file formats.